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“I had a bad day…”

This post is inspired by an episode of  “Greys Anatomy”, it filled my head with thoughts , ideas and different definitions of a “bad day”.

Before feeling down, depressed or negative because you are having a “bad” day…

Before complaining to your friends, siblings, parents or to yourself of how your “bad” day was…

Before going to bed with a frown on your face because of your “bad” day…

ASK YOURSELF  THIS: Am i alive? Am i in good health? Am i sick? Am i dying?

After answering these questions with two yeses and two no’s then you are not having a bad day, you are having a day that those who are suffering from sickness and health diseases would dream of having.

There are people who are in surgery fighting for their lives, while we are sitting at home complaining of a bad day because our plans got cancelled. How silly of us to be such narrow minded?

Always, always, always be thankful, even if it means being thankful for the microscopic things in your life, at the end of the day, BE THANKFUL 

I will leave you with a simple question, yet one that has complex and multiple answers to it that will put us to shame when calling our boring-stay-at-home days “bad”.

What does a “bad day” really mean?



Boredom will be the death of us.. \(>.<)/

The worst feeling is when you are bored to death from reality because there is nothing interesting happening and its been a while since you were surprised. Yes, I have been there and I always thought boredom will be the death of me (for those who don’t get sarcasm, i am kidding).

We all need a break from reality once in a while, and sometimes we must use our imagination as a key to escape.


I have always loved the sea, the sea life, sea creatures, the color of the sea and everything that has the word “sea” in it.

So, here is a thought(s) that i have been constantly having: what if I was a mermaid? How would I live? Would I have red hair just like Ariel? What color would my fin be? Will I be friends with sharks? Will I finally understand fish language?

Answers to such questions and a simple day dream would be my escape from reality to the sea life.

Reality Sea life or living underwater would be beyond interesting, if only i could pour my sea life life into this post as a movie…





Why the Jealousy?

What I have come to realize is this: People are constantly jealous and envy others when good things happen to those who deserve nothing but the best!

We are all nothing but humans, we cant help it sometimes. However, it would never hurt us to change or alter the way we think, instead of envying someone, be happy for them. God has a plan for all of us and your turn in having something good laid down on your lap is soon!

You have nothing to loose when you spread your happiness with others.

We can’t change the way we are, God made us a certain way, BUT it is always possible to change the way we think and treat others.

It is always good to spread the love, so, SPREAD THE LOVE.



Weigh Your Words…

Hello: Its been a while since I posted some new thoughts, I have been busy lately, but here is one and hopefully I will keep updating and sharing my thoughts from time to time 🙂

Apologies xo



People think that it is OK to speak your mind even when what comes out is not always appropriate to the situation. They see it as a sense of honor, pride or some sort of courage that they have in themselves to be “brave” enough to have their heart on their tongue (the way I see it personally can be described with one word: RUDE).

Yes, it is good to speak your mind, but to a certain extent. Example: When you tell one of your casual friends that they have bad fingers: Do you realize that when you said such a simple 3 lettered word as small as “bad”, you have just ruined that friend’s day by adding negative weight on their shoulders. They will go through their day knowing and telling themselves that they have bad fingers.

There is weight in the words we say. Not everything should be said out loud, some things are meant to be kept to yourself.

If you have nothing good to say, then don’t say anything.




Stand Alone-

Most people follow other people just because they feel like they should like what other people like to fit in. Whoever said that in order to fit in you have to follow people?

So what if you like songs that the majority are not in to?

So what if you dress the way you like?

So what if you DISAGREE with the majority?

Do what is right, and if what is right means standing alone, then go for it.




Great Moments

Nothing is better than having great moments where you wish you can pause your life at that moment ♡:

– Simply laying down on a wonderful beach and listening to the sound of waves.

– Family gatherings over flowing with smiles and love.

-Spending a day with a special friend(s) and having the time of your life.

-When your taste buds are at their best because you just ate the best chocolate soufflé ever!

-When your standing across a breath-taking view.

| Since we can’t hit pause in our life in these special moments, lets create memories and have the time of our lives while looking back at them|



Overcome, defeat and conquer..

Since when was fear stopping us from finishing what needs to be done?

Overcome your obstacles, because they will open new doors for you. You will learn that what you once feared was worth overcoming and proving to yourself that you triumphed over your fears.

You know it is easy, but all the pain, time and hard work put into it, at the end of the day it will be worth it, and in the long run you will be nothing but proud of yourself for coming such a long way.

Let no one, no fear and no challenge stop you from going where you need to be.

Remember: you can reach for anything if you set your mind to it, nothing is impossible, it is only a matter of time.




Our “What Ifs”

When we are in a situation where everything is going just fine, deep down in our minds we have our ‘what if’ questions:

What if I chose this university instead of the one I am currently in, would everything be the same?

What if I never got to be friends with that person, would I still have the same group of friends?

What if I ate a salad instead of eating McDonalds last night for dinner, would I get skinnier by next week?

All these questions apply to our situation no matter what it is. Here is what I think about our ‘what if’ questions; they can kill us. If all we do is question our actions and assume we will end up believing our assumptions (psychologically) whether they are wrong or right. We will end up being constantly insecure and self-conscious about our decisions.

Stop assuming and asking yourself, go with the flow, go with your gut feeling and hope for the nothing but the best.



No Time for Regrets

What is done is done, you can’t go back in time and change what you did. Life is not a place where you sit and mourn over your regrets, or look back at your bad moments and say to yourself “I wish I did not do this..”

Learn from what you did. Take your regrets and turn them into life lessons that will guide you through your life. If you have created good moments in your past, then you have some great memories to look back at. Each time you waste a second of your life regretting something, the weaker you get.

Allow your regrets to make you stronger, and learn from your mistakes so you don’t repeat them. There will come a time in your life where you will be faced with a dilemma, and when you choose your path you will say to yourself “in the past I have done this but it did not work for me, so this time this is what I am going to do..”

Read this phrase carefully, understand it and apply it to your situation: Don’t stress the could haves, if it should have, it would have.



Nothing is Ever Enough

Our satisfaction? ZERO.

The problem is when we get what we want such as material goods that we wanted all along, or visit a place we always wanted to visit, we are never satisfied with what we got. We always seem to want more and more. All we do is consume, but our thank you’s and appreciations are rare.

This is a problem that I have realized, and we all face it at some point. So, if you are not aware of the issue that we face, be aware and think twice before you ask for what you want next.

Stop complaining about what you have and what you don’t have, there are people who would love to have your life because they are deprived from all the things that you get to have.

One word: GRATEFUL