Whats Happening?

by fatmarb

Hello everyone! This is my first post, and i decided to write about something that has been really bugging me lately, please share you’re thoughts with me 🙂

The next generation is getting on my nerves lately. No really, how can an 8 year old be glued to his/her blackberry, or to their OWN laptop, or even their OWN ps3?! i cant help myself but relate my amazing, innocent childhood to their corrupted one, is this really a childhood? When i was 8 i used to constantly be outside my house playing with anything, i remember just the most casual things would make me have so much fun! it didnt have to include any sort of technology, it was plain dirt, getting sweaty, ruining my hair and not caring (nowadays, 8 year old girls constantly fix their hair to look “cute”) infact, i didnt even care if i looked cute or not, i just wanted to have fun as a child! If it was raining outside i would go downstairs to our basement and run around acting as a spy, or pretending like i was in an entertainment city (with my cousins and brothers). My imagination as a kid was limitless, i reached for the sky and i loved every second of it, before i went to bed, i did not play on my psp till i fell asleep, or brick breaker, i actually read (yes, read) till i fell asleep.

Now, i could blame the media for making it seem “okay” to kids that “education is not important, and partying is the life”, but where are the parents? Where are the rules? Where is the discipline mom and dad?  What do you think?