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Month: August, 2011

Our “What Ifs”

When we are in a situation where everything is going just fine, deep down in our minds we have our ‘what if’ questions:

What if I chose this university instead of the one I am currently in, would everything be the same?

What if I never got to be friends with that person, would I still have the same group of friends?

What if I ate a salad instead of eating McDonalds last night for dinner, would I get skinnier by next week?

All these questions apply to our situation no matter what it is. Here is what I think about our ‘what if’ questions; they can kill us. If all we do is question our actions and assume we will end up believing our assumptions (psychologically) whether they are wrong or right. We will end up being constantly insecure and self-conscious about our decisions.

Stop assuming and asking yourself, go with the flow, go with your gut feeling and hope for the nothing but the best.



No Time for Regrets

What is done is done, you can’t go back in time and change what you did. Life is not a place where you sit and mourn over your regrets, or look back at your bad moments and say to yourself “I wish I did not do this..”

Learn from what you did. Take your regrets and turn them into life lessons that will guide you through your life. If you have created good moments in your past, then you have some great memories to look back at. Each time you waste a second of your life regretting something, the weaker you get.

Allow your regrets to make you stronger, and learn from your mistakes so you don’t repeat them. There will come a time in your life where you will be faced with a dilemma, and when you choose your path you will say to yourself “in the past I have done this but it did not work for me, so this time this is what I am going to do..”

Read this phrase carefully, understand it and apply it to your situation: Don’t stress the could haves, if it should have, it would have.



Nothing is Ever Enough

Our satisfaction? ZERO.

The problem is when we get what we want such as material goods that we wanted all along, or visit a place we always wanted to visit, we are never satisfied with what we got. We always seem to want more and more. All we do is consume, but our thank you’s and appreciations are rare.

This is a problem that I have realized, and we all face it at some point. So, if you are not aware of the issue that we face, be aware and think twice before you ask for what you want next.

Stop complaining about what you have and what you don’t have, there are people who would love to have your life because they are deprived from all the things that you get to have.

One word: GRATEFUL



Small Things

The smallest things always take up the biggest spaces in your heart.

Let me give you a simple example, when you are in a hurry waiting in the fast lane at the supermarket with just one bottle of milk and a box of cereal while the man in front of you is holding twelve things in his cart. The man in front of you gives you a smile and says “you’re welcome to take my place, I am not in a hurry”.

All it took was a simple smile to make your day. A smile is a simple curve that can straighten out many things.

When someone gives you a simple “Hi” reply with a big “HELLO!” You never know what mood that person might be in, your lovely “HELLO!” might just make their day.

It is always the small things that count.




Appreciation Counts

When things such as a car accident stands in your way and you are late to work. You get a phone call that your work office has been set on fire, and half of your coworkers have died while the other half have been severly injured.

You got stuck in traffic, yet traffic has saved you from being caught in the fire.

Your friend got saved because while having breakfast, she spilled coffee on her shirt and had to go back home to change it.


Appreciate trouble when it comes your way, you never know what it can save you from.



“I wish…” = “I will…”

We all have wish lists. At some point of our lives, we have said to ourselves “why don’t these wishes ever come true!” If we have given it a deeper thought, maybe because we never really reached out for our wish to come true, we never tried our hardest to get what needs to be done, we pretty much sit there thinking negatively “Nah, that is too hard to do” or “I will never be that great to achieve such a huge goal”. God has created each and every one of us equally. We all have the same capability of achieving any sort of goal, it is up to us and how we think of ourselves that makes us different.

The major problem is that we wait for things to come to us, not the other way around. Chase what you want to accomplish, and work on it will all your heart. All the tiring moments and hard times will be worth it at the end of the day.

Someone who has accomplished half of the things on their wish list versus someone who is not even close to achieving one, is basically positive and negative thinking. When you set your mind to something and have a strong will to fulfill your goal, you will by all means go through what it takes to pursue your wish. However, when you over flow your mind with negative thoughts and pessimistic ideas, nothing will be done.

Be able to succeed in your life, not for others, but for yourself. Prove to yourself that you are as great as anyone with a high score of achieving goals.

Now take your wish list, and change the title from “I wish” to “I will”, that is a start.



The Truth Behind Great Ideas

Here is something that you probably did not know. So far, all the ideas behind my posts come to me right before I sleep. I type them in my blackberry notes section and save them for the next day to post.

For some reason, the best ideas come to you while your about to sleep, which is very strange because isn’t that the time where your brain starts to slowly shut down? How can it generate some of your best ideas?

I find this very interesting so I decided to look it up, and apparently, when you don’t think too much on the idea that you want to come to you and sleep on it, the ideas will slowly appear. You release yourself from thinking too hard about your ideas and instead, you let your subconscious mind work on your ideas while you are asleep.

So don’t think too hard for great ideas, let go and they will come to you 😀



Refresh Yourself

Change is good and everyone needs change. People who have a fixed routine or a schedule need change in their life because you will reach a point where you have had enough of everything, and change will be your refresh button.

Here is an example, when you do something you love for a long time and you do it the same way without change, you will eventually get bored with whatever it is you’re doing, and rather than loving it, you will start to dislike it more and more each day. However, when you welcome change in your life, you will be able to have various things to do rather than one. Your changes will automatically brighten up your mood, and allow you to have better concentration.

Change is not necessarily something huge, it can be as simple as buying a new shirt, or redecorate your room, even meeting new people is considered change. Whatever the change is, it will make a difference.

Welcoming new things in your life are always good, whether the change is minor or major, you will feel refreshed and simply “new”.

Change never gets old.



Land of Dreams

Did you ever have one of those dreams that seem so real and so realistic that when you wake up you contemplate yourself whether it was really a dream? Sometimes you thank God that it was a dream and sometimes you wished you never woke up because your dream was beyond amazing. Lately I have been having dreams that are so real and I must say it is like living in a whole new world when I go to sleep!

People look at dreams and portray it in different ways, the way I see it is that when we dream we are living in a whole different world because sometimes, a face that you have only seen once in your life, appears in your dream all of a sudden. Occasionally, you see in yourself in the future, or someone who has died in reality is unexpectedly alive in your dream.

In my perspective, dreams must have a real meaning behind them, there must be some sort of point behind our dreams just like any other thing we do in life. Something can’t be there just because it is there, there is always a reason.

My real life dreams got me thinking, why do we dream? And what do our dreams really mean? Is it our subconscious speaking? Are our dreams what we really want to happen but we don’t know it yet?

So many unanswered questions..




“I Am Titanium”

I have seen so many beautiful people shed their tears on small meaningless comments. It makes me sad to see lovely people get crushed from harsh words coming from others.

Humans are fragile creatures. We can easily breakdown. We are all sensitive, some more than others.

It is okay to have a breakdown, and it is okay to cry. What is not okay is letting pointless words or actions get to you, so what if someone tells you “don’t do this, do that instead”? Learn to accept criticism from others. When someone tells you “I don’t like your appearance”, learn to love yourself. Have confidence in yourself to face those who lack it. We cannot always take what is being said to us personally.

Be strong and no matter what you do always be proud of yourself. Do not lets others drag you down with them. Let them fall alone, and you rise. No matter what people tell you, hold on to your confidence. Believe in yourself no matter what is being said to you. Never compare yourself with others, you are YOU, beautiful you.

Learn to be bulletproof with a titanium heart.