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Endless Love for Adele & Good Music

Her latest album is "Adele 21"


What is up with all the crap (excuse my french) that has been played on the radio lately?

Where are the good lyrics that carry a heavy meaning and carve their way through our hearts? Where is the good hard-core, raw music?

Why are all the songs lately auto tuned with worthless and meaningless lyrics where the artist sings about drugs and partying?

Ok, so I want to open everyone’s eyes to an amazing artist that I cant seem to get enough of, the one and only… ADELE!

Here is why I love Adele: She has an amazing pure NON-AUTOTUNED voice that make my ears fall in love like never before, her lyrics are written through her life experiences, and nothing written is fake, Adele writes her own songs and she does a wonderful job, last but not least, Adele refuses to follow the Hollywood fad of being materialistic and skinny. She is the definition if divine beauty.

Everyone! I highly recommend you listen to her music, you must.

Long live Adele





Something to Think About..

Heres an interesting thought that I pondered upon whilst talking with a friend of mine:

Have you ever really thought of it? Have you ever sat somewhere and just thought about having something less than you deserve until right now, right this second? I decided to write my thoughts down so you would constantly remind yourself that you can do so much better, be much happier and change you’re thinking habits. Don’t get me wrong, I am not implying that you may be depressed or sad or anything of that sort. Rather, I am pretty sure you’re happy, or close to being happy, but a little more happiness on you’re side could never hurt. When it is easy for you to give it you’re best shot, but it is extremely hard for you to simply take what has been granted to you. For some odd reason, you do not know how to accept a compliment, or how to accept what is given to you with open hands. You always seem to fuss and you have no idea why. Come to think of it, I am pretty sure someone you know has always taught you to think twice. Think twice about whats in front of you, or what you’re next step in life would be. So, you figured it out. The problem with having something less than you deserve is not from people you know, or society or the world. The problem is with you and you’re insecurities.

So, make sure to believe in yourself, always have confidence and everyone reading this post deserves the best.