Family Love

by fatmarb

What is better than the unconditional love of your family?  No matter what argument you go through it always ends up and comes down to the ultimate love of your family. No matter how big or small, or whether your family consisted of just you’re dad or you’re mom or even just a sibling! The love and the energy that comes out of a family member constantly puts a smile on my face. The atmosphere and the simplicity of a family gathering fills my heart with joy, who does not love a family gathering?

When all fails, family is there to keep you’re spirits high enough to not fall down. My family is my back bone that shapes me and morphs me everyday. You’re family will accept you, they will love you, and they will believe in you when no one else will. If you do not love you’re family now, one day you will have you’re own family and love them more than anything you have ever loved.

Family is priority.

Everyone reading this post, be blessed for having a family, and being able to feel their love all over your heart. Be blessed.

Repeat after me: Elhamdulla for an amazing family.