by fatmarb

To be naïve, gullible or trusting is not a bad thing to those who deserve it. BUT there are those who do not deserve a bit of your trust. They will let you down, disappoint you and leave you with a question mark marked on your face. You are so naïve that you give them another chance and trust them once again, but they end up disappointing you one more time, and so, the cycle repeats.

This is where you learn you’re lesson and place all you’re naïvety, gullibility and trust aside, and you start to treat people the same way they treat you. Do not be blinded by the good in people, instead, keep a neutral perspective of the good and bad in them. That way you can sort out your trust and you’re expectations will not be crushed.

Careful who you open up to, half of them care, and the other half are just curious.

Just because you are naïve does not mean all the people around you are too.