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A Shot of Adrenaline

Recently, I came to realize that something is missing in my life, some sort of thrill or excitement. After taking my mini out for a ride, i was left alone with nothing but my thoughts and it struck me. I need some adrenaline to fill my bones.

For three seconds you feel as though you have been pulled out of earth and thrown back in. A feeling that charges you with nothing but the over flow of excitement among your soul. You feel invincible as if you have all the power in the world right at your hands. Your adrenaline rush is pumping you with fear, yet it is exactly what you wanted all along. Adrenaline is empowering you, you feel light while you forget where you are, where you come from and your mind is free from every worried thought, every happy thought, everything. You are empty from thoughts and bursting with spirit, charge and energy.

All this in just three seconds.




Society is Ugly

This is what I realized: you have to look a certain way to fit in, you must have certain materialistic goods to be “cool”, basically, hide your uniqueness behind the herd of sheep. So after scrambling through the thoughts in my head, I have concluded that the biggest fear and intimidation that people feel is society. This is very sad and unfortunate, society is not forcing you to follow the herd, you are making your own choice to be part of the herd.

Individuality is beauty, everyone must stand out in their own way. You should not be afraid to expose your true colors, instead, you should be proud to be standing out and ashamed to be following ignorance. God has created us in different shapes and sizes, it is up to us to hide behind a mask or  reveal our originality.

Think of it this way, since there are a lot of followers, maybe when you reveal your individuality people will like it and switch gears to following you and be nothing but themselves.



My Eternal ♥ for Supermarkets!

The atmosphere in a supermarket is basically calm, serene and very casual (that is how I see it). Calm, serene and very casual are my type of words and synonyms . I love it when an atmosphere is serene.

There is something spectacular about supermarkets. I do not know what it is but the feeling I get when I enter a supermarket is simply fun and excitement, I cant wait to go see every aisle, taste every taster there is and smell every shampoo. I feel colorful around all the cereal boxes, different kinds of chocolate, the donut stand, the various kinds of chips and the different colors of juices!

Ever since I was a little girl, going to the supermarket was like taking a step into heaven, the huge cheerful smile never left my face while I stroll through every thing I love, from chocolates to freshly baked bread. I love every single second when I am in the supermarket.

Of course, after buying almost everything I see, I leave the supermarket with an even bigger smile because I cant wait to try all the new things I bought. If it was a shampoo I could not wait to smell it in my hair, if it was a toothbrush I could not wait to brush my teeth with it, and if it was a new fruit I could not wait to taste it!

This is where I question myself, every time I tell someone I know that I have an eternal love for going to the supermarket, they look at me weird, and reply with “what is so fun about it?”

So, tell me, am I the only supermarket lover or are you too? 😀