A Shot of Adrenaline

by fatmarb

Recently, I came to realize that something is missing in my life, some sort of thrill or excitement. After taking my mini out for a ride, i was left alone with nothing but my thoughts and it struck me. I need some adrenaline to fill my bones.

For three seconds you feel as though you have been pulled out of earth and thrown back in. A feeling that charges you with nothing but the over flow of excitement among your soul. You feel invincible as if you have all the power in the world right at your hands. Your adrenaline rush is pumping you with fear, yet it is exactly what you wanted all along. Adrenaline is empowering you, you feel light while you forget where you are, where you come from and your mind is free from every worried thought, every happy thought, everything. You are empty from thoughts and bursting with spirit, charge and energy.

All this in just three seconds.