My Eternal ♥ for Supermarkets!

by fatmarb

The atmosphere in a supermarket is basically calm, serene and very casual (that is how I see it). Calm, serene and very casual are my type of words and synonyms . I love it when an atmosphere is serene.

There is something spectacular about supermarkets. I do not know what it is but the feeling I get when I enter a supermarket is simply fun and excitement, I cant wait to go see every aisle, taste every taster there is and smell every shampoo. I feel colorful around all the cereal boxes, different kinds of chocolate, the donut stand, the various kinds of chips and the different colors of juices!

Ever since I was a little girl, going to the supermarket was like taking a step into heaven, the huge cheerful smile never left my face while I stroll through every thing I love, from chocolates to freshly baked bread. I love every single second when I am in the supermarket.

Of course, after buying almost everything I see, I leave the supermarket with an even bigger smile because I cant wait to try all the new things I bought. If it was a shampoo I could not wait to smell it in my hair, if it was a toothbrush I could not wait to brush my teeth with it, and if it was a new fruit I could not wait to taste it!

This is where I question myself, every time I tell someone I know that I have an eternal love for going to the supermarket, they look at me weird, and reply with “what is so fun about it?”

So, tell me, am I the only supermarket lover or are you too? 😀