Society is Ugly

by fatmarb

This is what I realized: you have to look a certain way to fit in, you must have certain materialistic goods to be “cool”, basically, hide your uniqueness behind the herd of sheep. So after scrambling through the thoughts in my head, I have concluded that the biggest fear and intimidation that people feel is society. This is very sad and unfortunate, society is not forcing you to follow the herd, you are making your own choice to be part of the herd.

Individuality is beauty, everyone must stand out in their own way. You should not be afraid to expose your true colors, instead, you should be proud to be standing out and ashamed to be following ignorance. God has created us in different shapes and sizes, it is up to us to hide behind a mask or  reveal our originality.

Think of it this way, since there are a lot of followers, maybe when you reveal your individuality people will like it and switch gears to following you and be nothing but themselves.