“I Am Titanium”

by fatmarb

I have seen so many beautiful people shed their tears on small meaningless comments. It makes me sad to see lovely people get crushed from harsh words coming from others.

Humans are fragile creatures. We can easily breakdown. We are all sensitive, some more than others.

It is okay to have a breakdown, and it is okay to cry. What is not okay is letting pointless words or actions get to you, so what if someone tells you “don’t do this, do that instead”? Learn to accept criticism from others. When someone tells you “I don’t like your appearance”, learn to love yourself. Have confidence in yourself to face those who lack it. We cannot always take what is being said to us personally.

Be strong and no matter what you do always be proud of yourself. Do not lets others drag you down with them. Let them fall alone, and you rise. No matter what people tell you, hold on to your confidence. Believe in yourself no matter what is being said to you. Never compare yourself with others, you are YOU, beautiful you.

Learn to be bulletproof with a titanium heart.