Land of Dreams

by fatmarb

Did you ever have one of those dreams that seem so real and so realistic that when you wake up you contemplate yourself whether it was really a dream? Sometimes you thank God that it was a dream and sometimes you wished you never woke up because your dream was beyond amazing. Lately I have been having dreams that are so real and I must say it is like living in a whole new world when I go to sleep!

People look at dreams and portray it in different ways, the way I see it is that when we dream we are living in a whole different world because sometimes, a face that you have only seen once in your life, appears in your dream all of a sudden. Occasionally, you see in yourself in the future, or someone who has died in reality is unexpectedly alive in your dream.

In my perspective, dreams must have a real meaning behind them, there must be some sort of point behind our dreams just like any other thing we do in life. Something can’t be there just because it is there, there is always a reason.

My real life dreams got me thinking, why do we dream? And what do our dreams really mean? Is it our subconscious speaking? Are our dreams what we really want to happen but we don’t know it yet?

So many unanswered questions..