The Truth Behind Great Ideas

by fatmarb

Here is something that you probably did not know. So far, all the ideas behind my posts come to me right before I sleep. I type them in my blackberry notes section and save them for the next day to post.

For some reason, the best ideas come to you while your about to sleep, which is very strange because isn’t that the time where your brain starts to slowly shut down? How can it generate some of your best ideas?

I find this very interesting so I decided to look it up, and apparently, when you don’t think too much on the idea that you want to come to you and sleep on it, the ideas will slowly appear. You release yourself from thinking too hard about your ideas and instead, you let your subconscious mind work on your ideas while you are asleep.

So don’t think too hard for great ideas, let go and they will come to you 😀