“I wish…” = “I will…”

by fatmarb

We all have wish lists. At some point of our lives, we have said to ourselves “why don’t these wishes ever come true!” If we have given it a deeper thought, maybe because we never really reached out for our wish to come true, we never tried our hardest to get what needs to be done, we pretty much sit there thinking negatively “Nah, that is too hard to do” or “I will never be that great to achieve such a huge goal”. God has created each and every one of us equally. We all have the same capability of achieving any sort of goal, it is up to us and how we think of ourselves that makes us different.

The major problem is that we wait for things to come to us, not the other way around. Chase what you want to accomplish, and work on it will all your heart. All the tiring moments and hard times will be worth it at the end of the day.

Someone who has accomplished half of the things on their wish list versus someone who is not even close to achieving one, is basically positive and negative thinking. When you set your mind to something and have a strong will to fulfill your goal, you will by all means go through what it takes to pursue your wish. However, when you over flow your mind with negative thoughts and pessimistic ideas, nothing will be done.

Be able to succeed in your life, not for others, but for yourself. Prove to yourself that you are as great as anyone with a high score of achieving goals.

Now take your wish list, and change the title from “I wish” to “I will”, that is a start.