Our “What Ifs”

by fatmarb

When we are in a situation where everything is going just fine, deep down in our minds we have our ‘what if’ questions:

What if I chose this university instead of the one I am currently in, would everything be the same?

What if I never got to be friends with that person, would I still have the same group of friends?

What if I ate a salad instead of eating McDonalds last night for dinner, would I get skinnier by next week?

All these questions apply to our situation no matter what it is. Here is what I think about our ‘what if’ questions; they can kill us. If all we do is question our actions and assume we will end up believing our assumptions (psychologically) whether they are wrong or right. We will end up being constantly insecure and self-conscious about our decisions.

Stop assuming and asking yourself, go with the flow, go with your gut feeling and hope for the nothing but the best.