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Month: September, 2011

Stand Alone-

Most people follow other people just because they feel like they should like what other people like to fit in. Whoever said that in order to fit in you have to follow people?

So what if you like songs that the majority are not in to?

So what if you dress the way you like?

So what if you DISAGREE with the majority?

Do what is right, and if what is right means standing alone, then go for it.




Great Moments

Nothing is better than having great moments where you wish you can pause your life at that moment ♡:

– Simply laying down on a wonderful beach and listening to the sound of waves.

– Family gatherings over flowing with smiles and love.

-Spending a day with a special friend(s) and having the time of your life.

-When your taste buds are at their best because you just ate the best chocolate soufflé ever!

-When your standing across a breath-taking view.

| Since we can’t hit pause in our life in these special moments, lets create memories and have the time of our lives while looking back at them|



Overcome, defeat and conquer..

Since when was fear stopping us from finishing what needs to be done?

Overcome your obstacles, because they will open new doors for you. You will learn that what you once feared was worth overcoming and proving to yourself that you triumphed over your fears.

You know it is easy, but all the pain, time and hard work put into it, at the end of the day it will be worth it, and in the long run you will be nothing but proud of yourself for coming such a long way.

Let no one, no fear and no challenge stop you from going where you need to be.

Remember: you can reach for anything if you set your mind to it, nothing is impossible, it is only a matter of time.