“I had a bad day…”

by fatmarb

This post is inspired by an episode of  “Greys Anatomy”, it filled my head with thoughts , ideas and different definitions of a “bad day”.

Before feeling down, depressed or negative because you are having a “bad” day…

Before complaining to your friends, siblings, parents or to yourself of how your “bad” day was…

Before going to bed with a frown on your face because of your “bad” day…

ASK YOURSELF  THIS: Am i alive? Am i in good health? Am i sick? Am i dying?

After answering these questions with two yeses and two no’s then you are not having a bad day, you are having a day that those who are suffering from sickness and health diseases would dream of having.

There are people who are in surgery fighting for their lives, while we are sitting at home complaining of a bad day because our plans got cancelled. How silly of us to be such narrow minded?

Always, always, always be thankful, even if it means being thankful for the microscopic things in your life, at the end of the day, BE THANKFUL 

I will leave you with a simple question, yet one that has complex and multiple answers to it that will put us to shame when calling our boring-stay-at-home days “bad”.

What does a “bad day” really mean?